DataCorp Traffic is overjoyed to announce the completion of 10 years of successful business and we are now officially stepping into our second decade. We started DataCorp in June 2008 with a small team and big dreams. The memory of our first job – extracting vehicle number plates with videos played on TV sets is still afresh. We capitalized on the technological advancement in digital recording media and have seen through the phases of Video cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s and now the high speed Internet transfers across the globe.

10 years of successful business

At this juncture, our sincere gratitude goes to all our clients who have unwavering belief in us, supported us through our journey, trained us with new and difficult tasks and helped us to spread our wings wider. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the pillars of our company – our beloved employees who are highly proficient and passionate at work. Their sacrifice of holidays, weekends and late evenings when situations demanded needs a mention here. We would like to extend our gratitude to all our families who have been our backbone of support.

The 10 year long journey did come with its shares of ups and downs and how we rose back from our downs has made the real difference. We kept raising our own bar with high quality and stringent processes. The GDPR compliance, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications have helped us to perform at International standards while keeping the data privacy at check. Continuous learning, strong technical knowledge, teamwork, dedication and smart working enabled us to deliver one step ahead of client’s expectations.

The next decade holds a lot of opportunities only to those who are ready to adapt to changes in the traditional data collection methods. Technology is bound to play a vital role in these changes. We at DataCorp Traffic are closely monitoring the changing environment and building an adaptable system to seize the opportunities through innovations and agility. We look forward to newer geographies and expanding into niche services as we continue our journey.

Thanks to everyone who have been associated with us and we can foresee the next decade to be more eventful, challenging and successful. We commit to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders and look forward to celebrating the next decade together.

Thanking you,

Senthil NA Mariappan, CEO.