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"Secure, Robust, Smart Cashless payment terminals for parking, charging and more"

Experience the future of parking excellence with DataCorp! Elevate your parking operations with our cutting-edge solutions. From seamless payment terminals to advanced ANPR systems, we're your trusted partner for hassle-free parking perfection.

  • Pay & Display Parking
  • ANPR Integrated Payments
  • Pay-by-Plate Parking
  • Pay-by-Space Parking
  • Transport Ticketing Solutions
  • Barrier Controlled Payments

Our Range of Products


Payment Terminals

DataCorp offers various types of payment terminals, including those that accept cash, cards, contactless payments, chip and PIN, and QR/barcode payments. These terminals are commonly used in parking facilities to facilitate secure and convenient payments.


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Systems

DataCorp provides ANPR systems that capture and recognize vehicle license plates, allowing for efficient entry and exit management, as well as enforcement of parking rules.


Pay-by-Phone Services

DataCorp offers mobile app-based payment solutions, allowing drivers to pay for parking using their smartphones. This includes features like remote payment, reservation options, and notifications.


Management Software

DataCorp provides software solutions to manage parking facilities efficiently. This software includes features such as real-time monitoring, reporting, and integration with existing systems.


Barrier Systems

DataCorp offer barrier systems to control vehicle access to parking areas, ensuring only authorized vehicles can enter or exit.


Ticketing Solutions

DataCorp provide ticketing solutions, including ticket dispensers and validation systems for various parking applications.


Consulting and Support Services

In addition to hardware and software solutions, DataCorp offer consulting services and customer support to help clients optimize their parking operations.

Smart Features For Smart Cities

  • The device accepts contactless and mobile payment systems like Apple and Google Pay
  • The HD touchscreen enables additional revenue opportunities
  • Integrates with our QR Payment application for parking and charging.

DataCorp's parking terminal offers cutting-edge features for your parking needs. With advanced 5G connectivity and integrated payment solutions, it ensures seamless communication and hassle-free payments. Plus, our robust security means no more coin vaults or printed tickets – just secure e-tickets and encrypted communication for peace of mind. Elevate your parking experience with DataCorp.

Client Testimonials

DataCorp Traffic’s AI analytics platform has provided our clients with an invaluable tool to access historical traffic data at a time when projects around the UK have been put on hold. Without this platform it would be near impossible for clients that they’ve needed to keep their projects – and the downstream development activity – on target

We are very proud to be working closely with the Datacorp Team in providing our clients with an unrivaled level of service. It is due to the hard work and attention to detail that you deliver to us that we are able to continue to grow our business in the UK and therefore increase our work with yourselves. Datacorp is an integral part of our business and an extension of our team.

I have known Senthil a long time and had the pleasure of working with him at Count On Us, and know how much effort he and his team has put into building the business. As partners we have developed a very strong relationship; we rely heavily on the quality and value that Datacorp offers and consider the success of Datacorp as having been instrumental in helping us develop and grow over the past 10 years. I think your attitude to project management, quality, dedication, scale, and value puts you at the forefront of your industry. We look forward to many more years of joint growth.


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