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Traffic survey NCR

Mid-Block - Volume & Classification Survey

It is important to know the traffic volume and different vehicle classes’ composition in any roadway for strategic planning, improvements and maintenance. It also identifies the Average Daily Traffic, Peak Hour Traffic and its composition. We use manual, video and ATCCs (pneumatic tubes, IR, radars) to survey the roadway volume and classification.


Intersection Turning Movement Counts Survey (TMC)

This survey involves capturing vehicle-turning movements and its composition in an intersection. This information is vital for all strategic Junction Improvements, Signaling, Planning the Pedestrian Crossing etc. Also it provides the peak hour Turning movement information. We use videos, Manual and sometimes ANPR (for complex Intersections) for Turning Movement counts

Speed and Delay Survey

This survey evaluates the quality of the traffic movement along a route and identifies the location, cause and extent of the delays in the same route. This allows the planners to develop improvements. Also it can be used as a tool to compare the pre and post effects of any improvement. We use different methods like Floating-car method, moving-vehicle method, ANPR, videos and GPS to study the accurate Travel Time and Delay surveys.

Parking Survey

Parking survey is a tool to identify the demand and capacity of parking by the planning authorities. Parking survey is carried out both ON road and OFF road. This survey gives a detailed report on duration of stay, turnover, frequency, accumulation, illegal parking, revenue and capacity studies. We use manual, video, ANPR to extract the necessary information.


Signal Timing and Queuing survey

This survey supplies information about the signal timings in an intersection and the corresponding queue in each arm. This can be supplied as maximum, minimum, average, spot (nth minute) queue either in car length equivalents or meters. We use both manual and videos for extracting this information.


Enforcement surveys

Enforcement related surveys include speed surveys, Helmet Usage, Bus lane/ Taxi Lane misuse, Driving on the wrong side of the road, Driving on a one-way road, Illegal parking, Yellow box stoppage, Red Light crossings, etc. Our surveys will identify the frequency of offences, type of offence so that the enforcement agencies can do the needful.


Opinion and Preference Surveys

These surveys are done manually to gauge the target subject’s opinions and preferences of a service. This helps in making key decisions like pricing, customization or even the viability of the service.

Public Transport Surveys

Understanding the public transport usage is vital for all strategic decisions on Public Transport improvements. This gives a detailed report on the usage pattern of the Public Transport. On a micro-level, this also gives information about the Passenger boarding and alighting, running times, dwell times and occupancy for different services. The survey also gives a detailed report of passengers entering and exiting a Bus stand or a Railway station at any given time. We can also monitor the queue at the ticketing office as a part of the survey. We use manual, videos for extracting the required information.


Origin Destination Survey (OD)

This survey identifies the travel pattern of vehicles along a road network. This survey spots where most vehicles originate in a network and finish their journey and it also shows how often they take this path. We use advanced technologies including ANPR, Bluetooth and expert manual methods. This can also be done using Roadside Interviews depending upon the location and feasibility. OD surveys of people can also be collected manually by interviewing them.

Pedestrian and Non- Motorised Transport Users (NMT) Survey

It is essential to monitor the people movement for better infrastructure planning especially the pavements and crossings. This survey can be a simple volumetric count of pedestrian crossing or a more complex study involving tracking the pedestrian movements. Also this survey highlights the composition of pedestrians like School kids, Adults, Elderly, Disabled etc. We use videos, manual, Bluetooth to track the pedestrians.

Speed Assessment Survey

It is very important considering the rise of accidents because of speeding. Our survey will help the enforcement authorities to identify the speeding regions on a roadway before investing on enforcement equipment like cameras etc. Also speed is a vital factor in designing the roads. At DataCorp, we use pneumatic loops and Radars to extract the maximum speed and average speed.

Road & Rail Safety Assessment (RSA)

RSA is an important assessment that has to be carried out by the authorities along with several agencies to ensure the safety of the existing road or the proposed road. We will be able to assist the authorities depending upon their requirement at various stages. Similarly, we can assist the Railway authorities if they need any data collection in their rail safety audits.

Road Network Inventory

This is a comprehensive survey which can be used to study the profile of the roads in the area of study. Features like Road/pavement widths, Road/pavement types, street lighting, luminosity, drain types, encroachments, presence of vendors/street furniture, bus/auto stops etc can be studied and detailed resulting in the most accurate and detailed profiling of the existing conditions.

Household Interviews

These surveys involve visiting sample households in the area of study. This study gives a detail information on key factors like demography, travel patterns, trends, availability of essential facilities etc.


General Survey/Study

We will be able to assist you with any other specific data collection that you may have like Retail footfall, market study, driver behavior, Gap surveys etc. Our survey experts will be able to design a survey to fulfill your requirements.

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