Transportation Technology Services


We are specialized in Traffic and Transportation Technology Services. We offer a wide range of services that includes


AI Based Transportation Solutions

Our AI - Computer Vision based products for the Transportation Industry includes Vehicle/Pedestrian/NMU counts, Social Distancing, Speed Measurements, Lane monitoring and other enforcement requirements


Transportation Planning Platform

Our Cloud Based Platform “TrafficLenz” serves as a complete tool providing the various insights required for Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering. We also build custom platforms to cater the special and individual requirements for those who want one for their own in-house needs


Big Data Analysis

Our team of Data Scientists can help in deriving data visualizations and representations to ease your data interpretation tasks


Mobile Apps for Transportation Solutions

We build custom iOS/Android Apps for Travel Data collection, Parking Management, Traffic Orders, Real-time Analysis, First/Last mile connectivity solutions & Multi-modal Integration


Freight Logistics Solution

Application development for Fleet Management, Vehicle Health status and optimization of Fleet Utilization

Public Transport Planning Applications

Route Scheduling, Rationalization of routes & Improving the customer/operator experiences

Machine Learning Data Annotations

We have a trained and specialized Data Annotations team who have experience of annotating over 1 Million images. We provide a quick turnaround with high quality

Client Testimonials

DataCorp Traffic’s AI analytics platform has provided our clients with an invaluable tool to access historical traffic data at a time when projects around the UK have been put on hold. Without this platform it would be near impossible for clients that they’ve needed to keep their projects – and the downstream development activity – on target

We are very proud to be working closely with the Datacorp Team in providing our clients with an unrivaled level of service. It is due to the hard work and attention to detail that you deliver to us that we are able to continue to grow our business in the UK and therefore increase our work with yourselves. Datacorp is an integral part of our business and an extension of our team.

I have known Senthil a long time and had the pleasure of working with him at Count On Us, and know how much effort he and his team has put into building the business. As partners we have developed a very strong relationship; we rely heavily on the quality and value that Datacorp offers and consider the success of Datacorp as having been instrumental in helping us develop and grow over the past 10 years. I think your attitude to project management, quality, dedication, scale, and value puts you at the forefront of your industry. We look forward to many more years of joint growth.


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10 Golden years of DataCorp !!!

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